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Each and Every one of our services and repairs comes with a 100% Guarantee. We Promise to find and solve the problem or your Money Back !


Time and Use takes its toll on computers, as the drives fill with files and software is installed and removed.
Two key maintenance services help keep computers performing at their peak:

Infections are removed, along with all the unnecessary software and add-ins that rob any PC of its original speed.

Mouse, keyboard, screen and drive heads are cleaned to eliminate the stickies and improve performance. Heat-causing dust buildups are removed from inside computer cases.



From moving your old files to that  new PC, to connecting all your computers to the Internet, We provide a full range of installation and setup services.
We'll get your new systems going and connected, and then show you how they work.
Let us help with:

Computer Setup
Setting up your  new computers with your old files, software and settings - bookmarks, e-mail, etc.

New Software
Installing and configuring new programs or software upgrades, including training if required.

New Hardware
Adding new stuff - CD, DVD and Blu-Ray readers and burners, graphics cards, scanners, printers, TV Tuners, sound systems, memory upgrades, hard drives, etc.

Safe Internet Access
Keeping the spammers, hackers and spies out while keeping Internet users secure with firewalls and anti-virus protection.

Child Safeguards
Blocking adult materials, controlling chat groups and messaging, and keeping computing safe for children.

Network Connections
Tying your computers into the Internet and other networks with network cards, routers, switches and software.



We're here to help with:

Emergency Recovery
When systems crash and work stops, on-site repair service gets you back in business as soon as possible.

Lost Internet
What went wrong? Is it the computer, the router, the modem - or your Service Provider? No matter where the problem lies, we find it and repair it. Fast.

Viruses, Spy-ware and Other Intruders
Detection, removal and protection.

Freezes and Crashes
Diagnosing and eliminating these frustrations.

Hardware Failure
Replacing defective motherboards, power supplies, add-in boards, switches and other computer gear.

Determining exactly what's wrong, and how to repair it.



There is no hourly charges, no ticking clock to swell the bill if work takes longer than anticipated.
All services are charged at a fixed rate, starting with the Basic Service Fee of $75.00.

The Basic Fee brings a technician to your location to perform a hands-on diagnosis and prepare a formal Service Recommendation.

If the Recommended Service can be accomplished in the first hour, only the Basic Fee applies. Additional fees will apply in more complex cases.

All fees are explained in advance, and no work is carried out without customer approval.

Wondering how much a repair or installation will cost?

Contact Us and a technician will be happy to give you a free estimate.